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What Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (Part 5)

October 24, 2012
Reading Time: 2 mins
Author: Kevin Spanner

The Sensible Recovery Solution!

In Part 4, we further explored one of the techniques that you probably have in place right now and the weaknesses that you should keep in mind.

In Part 5, we will discuss the Sensible Recovery Solution which is designed to overcome the issues that we have found in the real world.

The Sensible Recovery Solution is designed to overcome the issues outlined in this series.

We were fed up not being able to supply our customers with a solution that :

  • Always worked
  • Doesn’t care about hardware compatibility
  • Guaranteed NO DATA LOSS
  • Understands the Real Needs of Small and Medium Sized (SME) Businesses
  • Recovery was FAST. (We’re talking minutes here, people… not hours or days)
  • Does not rely on waiting for Replacement Hardware to arrive
  • Remotely monitored and supported
  • Could be stored off-site automatically
  • Operational even in case of a total site disaster
  • Allows for reliable testing of backups
  • Complements other backup methods (doesn’t have to replace them- but can)
  • Priced for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

How does it do this ?

1. We supply and install a Sensible Recovery Appliance (SRA) with special software at your site

2. Every byte of data that is written to your Windows server(s) on your network is automatically replicated to the SRA. It is always up to date. The SRA can also have “snapshots” of earlier times if you require.

3. In case any of your Windows servers (or a major component in them) fails, the Sensible Recovery Appliance boots up (within minutes) and becomes the server. Your network will not be able to tell the difference. There is no loss of data and no waiting for replacement hardware in order to conduct business operations as normal.

4. The Sensible Recovery Appliance fully acts as your normal server until new hardware does arrive. All normal business operations continue. (No network changes are needed at all).

5. When new hardware arrives ,we initiate a “fail-back” to the new hardware. When all of the data is replicated to the new equipment, we reboot the new equipment and tell the SRA to protect the new server.

6. If you are concerned about protecting yourself in case of a Site Failure, we can also replicate the SRA over the internet up to our Secure Data Centre “in the Cloud in Australia”.

7. In case of site or server failure:

  • We give you immediate remote access to your server for key business operations.
  • We build and send a Sensible Recovery Appliance to your site to immediately act as your normal server until replacement hardware arrives.

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