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Trust your IT protection to the cyber security company ranked #2 in Australia and New Zealand.

Hand Off Your Data Protection to an ISO 27001-Certified Cyber Security Company in Australia

Leave your cyber security measures to the experts, so you can take that trouble off your plate with confidence.

Why choose Sensible Business Solutions for cyber security?

  • Trust a partner who has managed to fully prevent lost productivity caused by viruses for our current clients.
  • Stay secure from a rapidly evolving threat landscape without having to worry about keeping up with trends.
  • Keep phishy emails out of your inbox by trusting our email spam filtering to weed them out.
  • Reduce the risk of human error with the help of our cyber awareness and phishing susceptibility training.
  • Save approximately 5.6 work hours per person per month thanks to a significant reduction in disruptions.
  • Talk to us about how the right cyber security strategy comes with an added benefit of simpler business operations.
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Make Cyber Security Invisible

Managing cyber security can feel like a constant battle, given the need to stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats. This worry can distract you from focusing on what you really want to do.

Sensible Business Solutions aims to remove this burden. Our expert team ensures your cyber security is so seamless, you won't even know it's there. You can concentrate on what matters most.

Plus, you can enjoy the extra benefits of enhanced performance and reduced downtime, all while we keep your data safe.

Eliminate Pesky Network Issues Before Anyone Notices

Network problems can hide in your system, sometimes for as long as 24 days, creating a risk without your knowledge. This can quickly lead to disruptions and data loss once the problem makes itself known.

When you work with Sensible, we’ll work to spot those hidden threats before they reveal themselves.

Our team keeps a constant watch on your network, ensuring problems are solved before they affect your business. This approach means you enjoy continuous, secure operations without worry.

Keep Your IT Systems Free of Unwanted “Wares”

Spyware and malware can disrupt your work and cause severe damage to your IT systems. These unwanted "wares" can be tough to remove, potentially forcing a complete system wipe.

Sensible offers a protection solution that goes beyond basic software, ensuring your network remains safe and operational. We’ll help you avoid that full wipe option as much as we possibly can.

Our preventive approach helps you bounce back quickly from any threat, keeping your systems clean and efficient.

Expect The Best & Be Prepared For The Worst

Every business faces the risk of unexpected disasters, from data breaches to system failures. These events can damage your reputation, revenue, and customer trust.

That’s why you need a solid disaster recovery plan to complement your security strategy. Our proactive data backup and recovery services offer reliable protection, safeguarding your customers' data and your business's future.

Expect the best cyber survive from us, and expect us to help you be prepared for the worst if it ever happens.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • "I want to say thank you for your professionalism and can do attitude with our Office 365 migration"
    Reinis Grauds
  • "Sensible’s University Card Management System is one of many innovationswe have introduced to make our students’ campus experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible.Sensible’s University Card Management System is one of many innovationswe have introduced to make our students’ campus experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible."
    Professor Derrick Armstrong
  • "The Sensible IT team recently sent out a fraudulent link of our own to test the susceptibility of FFA staff to phishing attacks: 30% clicked! We now use Sensible’s Cybersecurity Package and training: the message and content is bang on."
    Jo Collins
  • "Sensible were given an up and running date and the team worked to enable the smooth operation of the set up, so that we could continue business as usual. It was comforting to know that Kevin and the team were only a phone call away and always contactable."
    Fiona Gibson
    Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club
  • "Sensible Business Solutions has been providing our IT support for over 5 years now. They provide a great service and I would recommend them to anyone looking for IT Services."
    Gillian Cornwell
    OH&S Consulting Group
  • "Recently we had a need to upgrade our Server. This is normally a very costly adventure. Sensible took the time to go over all our company needs to make sure that we were not going to spend money on features that we wouldn’t use. The set up was highly organised and we experienced no down time, loss of data or emails. The whole process was seamless."
    Natalie Szabo
    Customer Service Manager - Mindscape Asia Pacific
  • "Your fantastic coordination and organisation of all of the IT requirements for the FIFA Headquarters and the FIFA World Congress venues ensured that the event ran smoothly and was a great success."
    Stuart Taggart
  • "With Sensible on top of any issue, my stress level was greatly reduced and I was confident in the knowledge that Kevin and the team were looking after my interest. I am very happy with the friendly, competent and prompt service I receive from Kevin and the team. Sensible provide excellent service."
    Amanda Little
    The Medication Centre
  • "We recently had an intermittent hardware failure affecting our aging server that even the manufacturer could not work out. Sensible kept persevering until it was resolved and even managed to get it covered under warranty, that’s why I ensure they manage my IT."
    Barry Twinning

Sensible Business Solutions

Cyber Security Services in Sydney, Australia

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Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Average reduction in IT issues
Fewer disruptive IT incidents
Years in business

Pre-Installed Antivirus Tools Won’t Always Cut It

Discover the advantage of a business-grade cyber protection service that operates as silently as any antivirus software – but with better results.

How Sensible Provides Peace of Mind

Cyber Security Company

Your Information Security Stays Up-to-Date

Keeping up with cyber threats is tough and can leave your business exposed. You need constant updates to stay safe, but that takes time and expertise you might not have.

Sensible Business Solutions specialises in keeping your information security measures ahead of current threats.

Our team continuously updates your defences, ensuring you're protected against the latest cyber threats without demanding any additional work from you.

With Sensible, you gain access to comprehensive cyber security solutions and proactive defence strategies. Let us handle your cyber security, so you can focus on growing your business confidently.

Protect Your Business From Big Mistakes

When it comes to cyber security, a little error can be a big problem. The vast majority of data breaches are caused by non-malicious human error. Stanford University research suggests this accounts for 88% of incidents.

The good news is that you can reduce the chances of your employees making such an error.

Sensible Business Solutions can help you implement an effective security awareness training program for your team. We’ll ensure that your program follows best practices and is easy to digest for your learners.

This balance will lead to better results. Your employees will understand exactly what to do and how to do it.

cyber security
Cyber Security Services in Sydney

Gain Clarity & Command Over Your Cyber Strategy

While many businesses believe they are secure, they often face hidden risks.

The fast-changing nature of cyber security means true security depends on effective process management, not just technology alone.

At Sensible Business Solutions, we assess your network to reveal the true state of your security and provide a clear and digestible cyber advisory.

Our approach focuses on empowering you with a comprehensive understanding of your risks and the potential impacts of various cyber events.

We maintain a detailed risk register to provide the clarity needed to navigate cyber security complexities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses must prioritise both cyber security risk management and compliance with external requirements. Implementing strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and regular software updates are crucial.

Additionally, employee training on cyber security and developing an incident response plan are key. To comply with insurance and client demands, it’s vital to have updated policies and procedures.

This dual approach helps protect against cyber threats and ensures eligibility for new opportunities.

While adequate for basic personal use, free, pre-installed antivirus software tools fall short for business purposes. This is largely due to its limited capability to only detect known malware.

A Crowdstrike report from 2023 said that in 2022, 71% of all breaches neither contain nor involve malware.

Advanced threats require more sophisticated security measures like real-time detection and behavioural analysis, which are not typically provided by basic antivirus programs.

While using the same password for everything is easier to remember, it exposes you to greater risks. A single compromised password can endanger all your accounts.

It also makes recovery more time-consuming because you need to change all your passwords instead of just one.

For those struggling to remember different strong passwords, consider using a secure password manager or adopting mnemonic strategies. For example, try creating acronyms.

Whether or not your team works remotely doesn’t mean much when it comes to cyber security. In-office or remote work can be equally as secure (or insecure), it’s all about your approach.

If you aren’t sure about how to uphold cyber security in a remote work environment, you are welcome to contact us for advice.

Outsourcing cybersecurity proves cost-effective over time because it provides access to sophisticated tools and processes optimised for large-scale operations.

For instance, an MSP handling 2000 endpoints can deploy advanced, automated protection systems more efficiently than manual methods.

It also reduces the risk of expensive cyber attacks by keeping your defences up-to-date.

This approach saves money in the long run by preventing costly data breaches and allowing your business to focus on its core operations.

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