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Security Alert - Windows users should Uninstall Apple QuickTime

April 19, 2016
Reading Time: 1 min
Author: Kevin Spanner

Trend Micro and the US Govt have recently advised that all Windows users should Remove Apple QuickTime.

A number of critical security vulnerabilities have been found which affect all Windows PC's. In addition, Apple have advised that they have no intention of repairing this and will deprecate support for Quicktime for Windows

"The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows," the Govt. alert said.

HOWEVER, Australian users should note that QuickTime is a system requirement for some software - e.g. MYOB AccountRight v19 and earlier. This is because these versions of MYOB use QuickTime to convert images and logos to appear on PDF invoices. This is used when emailing invoices, etc.

If you use it , to play videos , we suggest using VLC Media Player instead

So what should you do? Some options available are:

  1. Contact your IT support desk for specific advice.
  2. Upgrade to latest version of MYOB as soon as possible (may not be possible if you are using multi-currencies or need a lot of user accounts - you may need to move to other software).
  3. If you must still use QuickTime, ensure the latest version of Quicktime is installed (7.7.9)
  4. Ensure QuickTime is removed from all Windows PC's except those that MUST have it.
  5. Investigate other PDF printer software that may be able to convert those images across without the need of Apple Quicktime. This may involve manual processing of emails and document handling.
  6. Remove logos from your MYOB invoices.


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