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Cost management is incredibly important when running a business.

Whether you are running an SME or a larger corporation, overhead costs and daily running totals are likely to be at the forefront of your mind.
This is no bad thing; in fact, it’s a good idea you keep track of costs as much as you possibly can. However, did you know that your business may be at risk of extensive hidden fees?


Document management and printing costs may often be blind spots for businesses. While you will likely have a system in place to manage and monitor how documents are produced and for what purposes, keeping track of costs is a different matter altogether. With the strongest will in the world, it can be easy to be swept behind these figures. This is especially the case when printing and document handling fees can be hidden deep within monthly reports.

That’s why Sensible Business Solutions recommends a complete audit of your documents and printing strategies. With an initial analysis, and with follow-up reports and maintenance, we will help you to identify gaps in your cost management. We will also make recommendations on how best to fill them, and to support them moving forward.


We can help transform the way you manage your printer devices and their costing with a handful of recommended steps.


  • We firstly recommend that we complete a full audit into your print device management, and how much document processing is costing you.
  • We look for ways to help reduce costs while keeping productivity unaffected.
  • We strive to boost efficiency and look for opportunities to integrate new, embedded devices into your infrastructure.


  • We will support you with a web console where you can actively monitor how much your printing and document management is costing you.
  • We will fine-tune this solution to benefit your specific billing requirements, as well as your practical needs.
  • You’ll be able to access multi-function devices through a hub, giving you greater control over what’s being printed, where, and by how much.

Setting up a new printer device management system could be as simple as ‘plug and play’. Once we’ve run a full audit of your devices and their costs, we will work with you to build a software solution. This will be a system you can easily monitor and fine-tune at your convenience.


Our printer device management solutions form part of our dedication to Invisible Technology. By easily accessing your document printing from one simple suite, you can take greater control over where your money is going from month to month. We aim to help our clients fine-tune their processes for maximum efficiency, revenue and productivity. It’s not always simple to do this on your own, but with Sensible, you are always in exceptional company.

Call us today on 1300-SENSIBLE, or 1300-736-742, to get started on a plan of action for your printer devices and cost solutions.



As economic times become harder, most businesses are searching for ways to monitor costs and reduce overheads. Ask any Financial Director the value to the business of its fleet of company vehicles or the-per-square footage for office space and the answer will be given almost immediately. There are hidden expenses, however, which silently drain the business – one of these is the cost of printing. It is therefore, hardly surprising that through evolution of businesses, many companies have little or no idea as to their true current costs in relation to document management, whether related to faxing, copying, printing, storage or management of documents. Every Company and Organisation already have a considerable outlay to maintain their current ‘Document Workflow”, and these costs are often hidden in deep within their P&L reports. That’s the bad news; the good news of course is with the introduction of Sensible’s Print Device Audit Consultancy Program, we first provide our clients a detailed audit report which provides an independent and unbiased analysis of your existing document output and workflow production costs, then we enable our clients to realise their potential by helping them develop a business technology roadmap to achieve their overall business objectives, as well as develop strategies and implement plans to support the delivery of those business objectives. Strategic consulting remains independent of technology and solutions vendors in our aim to deliver practical and unbiased advice to our clients.

Sensible strategic consulting methodologies and approach are based on the following:

  • How do we increase efficiency levels
  • How do we reduce costs across the organisation without losing productivity
  • Independence from product, vendor or service providers
  • How will your integration needs be met
  • Business driven solutions
  • As smartphones don’t just make phone calls, today’s multi-functional devices don’t just scan, copy or print.
Sensible’s Embedded Device Management Solution, really helps our partners realise the full cost management potential of their company’s printing requirements. Whether you are a Corporate Body, Professional Service (Legal / Chartered Accountants) or Tertiary organisation, the Sensible Web console can easily be configured to meet your specific billing and cost recovery requirements.The Sensible Device Management solution transforms your multi-function device into the hub of an adaptive infrastructure for accurate cost management, secure print with mobile secure print release and broad-based fleet management throughout an entire organisation. In many cases the software can be a simple “plug and play” arrangement onto many existing multi-functional devices. Give us a call today to find out more how our Embedded Device Management solution can assist your business in both cost recovery and cost association.

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