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Network Support in Melbourne

Resolve business inefficiencies with guidance from a trusted network support provider in Melbourne

Catch Network Issues Before Anyone Notices

Optimise and protect your business’s vital network with a leading Australian IT services company.

Why choose Sensible Business Solutions for IT Network Support?

  • Comprehensive Network Protection backed by our internationally recognised ISO 27001 accreditation.  
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring that minimises network outages from causing costly business disruptions. 
  • Personalised Experiences from a local team that gets to know your business, not just your account number.
  • Leverage Technology Better. Ensure you're getting the best possible returns with appropriate network solutions.
  • Shift network management to the background with a team that’s known for “Making Technology Invisible.”
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Clients Who Trust Sensible Business Solutions

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Our Network Support Services in Melbourne

Continuous Computer Network Support
Network Support and Maintenance
Network Security Services
Continuous Network Improvements
Network Consulting Services

24/7 Centralised Network Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your network is delivered by our centralised services team; a select group of highly trained certified IT professionals.

You can trust that our team will keep a close eye on your business’s network at all times

Our network monitoring processes are designed to easily identify and mitigate potential issues before they can disrupt your business.

Remote IT Network Support

Access IT network support from wherever you and your Melbourne business team may roam. Most networking issues can be resolved without an on-site technician visit. 

Our remote technical support services can address:

  • Wireless network support
  • Remote management
  • Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Routing maintenance

Up-to-Date Cybersecurity Support

Network systems are often the backbone of key business processes. Ensure it’s being protected by experts committed to understanding evolving network security threats and standards.

Examples of some of our network cybersecurity services include:

  • Regular security audits to ensure configurations and security policies are being correctly applied
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk assessments
  • Vendor patch management
  • Cyber awareness  training

IT Network Improvements and Design Support

Network solutions are the highways on which the rest of your systems run. That’s why our computer network consultants continuously assess your network and look for opportunities of improvement.

We will regularly provide guidance and IT consulting that will allow you to meet your business goals faster and with ease.

Build a Network that Fits Your Business Goals

Your network needs to make reaching those next business goals easier on everyone. To achieve this, you need a network designed with those goals in mind.

We know you’re not looking for the “rolls royce” of network systems, but we do know you need something that’s going to keep pace with your needs.

Our network consultants will work with you to design a cost appropriate solution that meets your needs and is adaptable to workplace changes, new technologies, and security needs.


Why Clients Choose Sensible

  • "I want to say thank you for your professionalism and can do attitude with our Office 365 migration"
    Reinis Grauds
  • "Sensible’s University Card Management System is one of many innovationswe have introduced to make our students’ campus experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible.Sensible’s University Card Management System is one of many innovationswe have introduced to make our students’ campus experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible."
    Professor Derrick Armstrong
  • "The Sensible IT team recently sent out a fraudulent link of our own to test the susceptibility of FFA staff to phishing attacks: 30% clicked! We now use Sensible’s Cybersecurity Package and training: the message and content is bang on."
    Jo Collins
  • "Sensible were given an up and running date and the team worked to enable the smooth operation of the set up, so that we could continue business as usual. It was comforting to know that Kevin and the team were only a phone call away and always contactable."
    Fiona Gibson
    Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club
  • "Sensible Business Solutions has been providing our IT support for over 5 years now. They provide a great service and I would recommend them to anyone looking for IT Services."
    Gillian Cornwell
    OH&S Consulting Group
  • "Recently we had a need to upgrade our Server. This is normally a very costly adventure. Sensible took the time to go over all our company needs to make sure that we were not going to spend money on features that we wouldn’t use. The set up was highly organised and we experienced no down time, loss of data or emails. The whole process was seamless."
    Natalie Szabo
    Customer Service Manager - Mindscape Asia Pacific
  • "Your fantastic coordination and organisation of all of the IT requirements for the FIFA Headquarters and the FIFA World Congress venues ensured that the event ran smoothly and was a great success."
    Stuart Taggart
  • "With Sensible on top of any issue, my stress level was greatly reduced and I was confident in the knowledge that Kevin and the team were looking after my interest. I am very happy with the friendly, competent and prompt service I receive from Kevin and the team. Sensible provide excellent service."
    Amanda Little
    The Medication Centre
  • "We recently had an intermittent hardware failure affecting our aging server that even the manufacturer could not work out. Sensible kept persevering until it was resolved and even managed to get it covered under warranty, that’s why I ensure they manage my IT."
    Barry Twinning

Sensible Business Solutions

IT Network Support in Melbourne

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Why Melbourne Business Trust Sensible

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Is Network Downtime Damaging Your Business?

Our clients experience 75% less disruptive network incidents than the industry standard
Network Support Services in Melbourne

Computer Network Support Specialists that Help Create Capacity

Managing your network shouldn’t be your company’s primary focus. Sensible’s support services involve us taking accountability for managing your network.

We provide computer network support that allows you to get back to doing what you do best: running and growing your business.

How our computer network support services create business capacity:

  • Free precious hours by outsourcing network monitoring and maintenance tasks  to our qualified team.
  • Focus on network optimisations that make your network invisible.
  • Have only experienced, qualified network support specialists working on your network.

Network Support for Cloud Computing

Cloud networks require a unique and thoughtful approach to ensure effective and secure network support is delivered.

Our computer network support specialists are skilled in cloud-based networks and are continuously expanding their knowledge of cloud networks and other emerging IT technology.

Some of our cloud-based network support and services include:

  • Technical cloud computing services
  • Public cloud integration 
  • Cloud maintenance
  • Data backups
  • Cloud integrations
Network Support in Melbourne


We have a 4-step onboarding process that we use to get to know your business, its processes, technology needs and underlying values.

During this time, we’ll focus on getting to know your business, its goals, as well as explore technology opportunities.

The basic steps of our onboarding process includes:

  • Data collection
  • Physical onboarding
  • Discovery & assessment
  • Initial planning and strategy

We choose to focus our network support efforts on preventing outages before they happen rather than reacting to issues when they arise.

This means we are continuously testing and monitoring your network for potential weaknesses. When potential deficiencies in your network are identified, we then work towards eliminating those issues before they can cause a disruption.

38 years and counting! We’ve been providing IT network support to businesses in Melbourne and all across Australia since 1985.

We are a family run business and proud to be among the top ten of Australia’s best MSP providers.

After 38 years we are still proudly delivering Australia’s small and medium business owners with top-quality IT support to help them thrive.

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