The Benefits of Cyber Security Training (Beyond The Obvious)

May 25, 2024
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Author: Katherine Spanner

For the most part, the importance of security awareness training is pretty well-known. Human error is one of the leading causes of data breaches, and most basic security awareness training programs cover how to avoid making mistakes sufficiently.


“While most people are aware of the strong human element in cyber security, fewer realise just how strong this element is.” - Ray Sweeney, Chief Commercial Officer, Sensible Business Solutions


While that reason alone is enough to make investing in cyber awareness training worth the time and money, integrating these regular training sessions into your organisation comes with additional, lesser known benefits.

Today, we’re going to look at those benefits. We’ll explore why promoting a cyber security culture among your team makes a difference and how else cyber training can bring big business benefits.



Lesser Known (But Equally Important) Benefits of Security Awareness Training

Strengthens Customer Trust

Customers are increasingly aware of cyber security risks and often choose to do business with companies that take their data protection seriously. This concern is not unfounded – 75% of SMBs in the Asia-Pacific region that experience a security incident lose customer data.

When you let your audience know that you provide your team regular cyber security training, they’ll feel more confident sharing their information with you. Plus, it will overall increase your brand’s reputation and, most importantly, truly protect their sensitive data.


Increases Employee Confidence

Some of your employees may be hesitant to use your tech tools for fear of making a mistake. Providing comprehensive, yet digestible, training can help address this concern. Training also builds a culture of openness and support, where employees feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help. This can lead to a more innovative and engaged workforce.


Improves IT Resource Efficiency

With a well-informed workforce, the number of security incidents that require IT intervention decreases. That means that your workforce will be more productive and safer from potential cyber threats.


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For instance, phishing is one of the most effective attack vectors for cyber criminals. In fact, a full 41% of cyber security incidents begin with phishing.

Cyber training content typically includes phishing simulations. An employee who has been trained to recognise phishing scams is less likely to fall for one. Therefore, the IT resources you would have put to cleaning up that mess don’t need to go there.


Supports Regulatory Compliance

Various industries are subject to strict regulations regarding data protection and privacy. Cyber security awareness training helps businesses meet these regulatory requirements. In some cases, the regulatory body may even require regular training.

If you’re wondering, here are some common compliance regulations that recommend regular cyber security training. Please take this table as a simplified overview and not a replacement for legal advice.


BodyInterest in Cyber SecurityEmployee Training Recommendations
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)ASIC wants financial markets to be safe from cyber threats. This means companies need to be smart about online safety.Requires training but they don't say exactly how. Companies need to figure out the best way to train their employees.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)They care about keeping consumers safe and markets fair, which can involve online safety.They don't explicitly say companies must train their employees in online safety to stay compliant. However, it is recommended.
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)Banks and insurance companies must have robust information security controls based on Prudential Standard CPS 234.Like ASIC, training is needed but they leave it up to the companies to decide how to teach their employees about cyber security.
Australian Taxation Office (ATO)Emphasises protecting organisations, clients, and partners from cyber threats through a cyber-first mindset.Training is not required, but it is strongly encouraged based on their cyber-literacy focus.
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)Advocates alignment between cyber security practices and the Privacy Act.Encourages practices that include teaching staff about online and information safety.


Minimises Legal Liabilities

By demonstrating a commitment to cyber security through employee training, businesses can potentially reduce their liability in the event of a data incident. This reduction in liability occurs because employee training in cybersecurity practices shows that a business is actively working to prevent data incidents.

Remember, that there is also the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)’s Privacy Act 1988 to consider. This standard dictates that reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure must be taken.

Training employees in cyber security practices demonstrates that an organisation is actively taking these reasonable steps.


Supports Business Continuity

Well-trained employees are better prepared to report and respond quickly to incidents. As a result, any incidents that occur will lead to less downtime than they would have otherwise.

There are long-term benefits to being able to make a swift recovery too. People trust companies that can fix things fast. Therefore, showing that you are one of these such companies can help you attract more customers and partnerships.


Helps Attract Talent

Like how breaches can compromise customer data, they can also compromise employee data. As such, demonstrating your dedication to information security can make some potential employee candidates more willing to work for you.

Plus, the type of person who would think about this is likely someone with a keen awareness of cyber threats. Having their perspective could help you find more ways to enhance security from the inside.


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Cyber Awareness Training Is Important – But You Can Also Reduce The Chance of Needing to Use It

Working with the right cyber security team can help you block cyber attacks before they even reach your employees. That doesn’t make cyber training useless, think of it as another layer of security. After all, you still need to perform fire drills in your building even if it was built to prevent fire hazards.

Work with Sensible Business Solutions to gain that additional layer. Our team will enhance your data protection in a way that doesn’t cause any business disruptions. Our goal is to make your security so seamless that you’ll rarely have to use your “fire drills” for real.

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