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Find out if YOUR business is ready to migrate to the cloud

Whether or not you should migrate your IT to the cloud is something that needs to be carefully considered – and what many Managed Service Providers won’t tell you is that the cloud is NOT suitable for all businesses.
Here at Sensible Business Solutions we believe in being open and honest with our clients, which is why we have designed the Sensible Business Solutions Cloud Readiness Roadmap for small and medium business owners and CEOs who might be feeling pressured into adopting cloud computing

Here are 8 things that you must consider before migrating to the cloud:

  • Current Business Strategy
  • Legal Restrictions
  • Communications Analysis
  • Importance of Technology to Your Competitive Advantage
  • How You Currently Support your Technology
  • Risk Exposure Analysis
  • Staffing Profile
  • Systems Audit

The Sensible Business Solutions Cloud Readiness Roadmap includes a 15-point checklist that business owners and key executives should consider before we conduct a full readiness audit. Your answers help create a picture of your business and identify the key issues that must be analysed before you make a decision about migrating to the cloud.

Once you have answered the questions posed in the checklist and the audit has been conducted, we will be able to determine your business’s suitability for the cloud. If moving your IT to the cloud is a viable option, the Sensible Business Solutions Cloud Readiness Roadmap will also show you how to mitigate risk and migrate safely.

If you would like to know more about our Cloud Consulting Services, want to know how to get your business ‘cloud ready’, or would like to schedule a Cloud Readiness Audit, please get in touch today.


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